Month: May 2021

holistic mental health

7 Surprising Ways to Use Holistic Mental Health Practices

Holistic mental health practices encompass more than what is on your mind. The purpose of all holistic forms of medicine is to treat the “whole person” rather than the problem. Holistic mental health practices incorporate exercise. Different forms of therapy for people in recovery are necessary. A successful treatment pays close attention to your fitness …

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healing from trauma

Healing From Trauma: When to Seek Professional Help

Healing from trauma is something that no one should have to do alone. And luckily, many people are choosing to seek help for their recovery. According to recent studies, nearly one in every six adults in the United States has started therapy in the last year.  You don’t have to know how to heal from trauma. …

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ptsd flashbacks

7 Tips for Managing PTSD Flashbacks

Flashbacks caused by PTSD can happen at any given moment. You could be driving your car or cleaning inside your home and it hits you. At that moment, you feel as though you have little to no control over what’s happening.  Your body’s taken over by your past trauma, and the only thing you’re concerned …

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trauma informed therapy

Trauma Informed Therapy: What Is It?

In the United States, 70 percent of adults have experienced a traumatic event. That means there are 223 million people carrying the aftermath of unresolved trauma. Are you one of them? Unresolved trauma can have long-lasting negative effects. Side effects of trauma include depression, anxiety, inability to handle conflict, and more. Trauma can make doing the simplest tasks a major …

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