Meet Our Team

Meet Our Therapists

Please note: Our therapists operate independently under a shared practice model. Each clinician operates as a solo provider under their own business entity.

Bambi Rattner, Psy.D.

Bambi received her master’s degree in 1987 and has been in practice ever since. She received her doctorate in psychology in 1997 and has worked in pretty much every setting, with every age, and every population. She started in residential, inpatient psychiatric units, and sheltered workshops. She has worked in the schools and in nursing homes, seen clients outpatient and in-home. Her clients have ranged in age from 3–103.

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Ross Hackerson

Ross Hackerson

For over 40 years, Ross has worked with thousands of people recovering from childhood neglect, sexual and emotional abuse and the lack of connection that comes from preoccupied, distant, disconnected and / or self-absorbed parents. Over this time, he has found that regardless of the type or extent of trauma that everyone has the ability to heal. “I am constantly amazed by the wonderfulness of this work.”

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Brian Powell

Brian Powell, MSW, RSW

I have over 25 years experience in therapy including individual & family counseling, child protection, addictions, residential psychiatric, and now specialize in trauma and PTSD resolution. I’ve worked extensively with a broad range of people in many cultural and identity contexts. My passion is for my clients to experience deep caring and emotional safety as I support you in exploring your challenges and move you rapidly towards wholeness and a new ease in your life. I have a consistent record of positive outcomes and client transformation.

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Peter Bishop, Ph.D.

In the course of doing my job as a therapist I’ve heard the comment many times, “I couldn’t do what you do, sit and listen to people’s problems all day.” But that’s like telling a carpenter, “I couldn’t do what you do, sit and look at broken down houses all day.” That’s not what carpenters do. They collaborate with home owners to restore the integrity of damaged or outworn structures. And that’s pretty much how I approach my practice.

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Amy Shuman

Amy Shuman, MSW, LICSW, DCSW

I am an independent Clinical Social Worker and my approach with clients is to co-create our therapeutic process, using the guidance of my education and experience. I use a blend of two approaches: Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and a heart-felt meditation practice called HeartMath. I have observed that this combination is an ideal approach for people who want to decrease or resolve distress that effects their ability to find contentment in their present life.

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Jordan Hamilton

Jordan Hamilton, Ph.D.

Unfinished issues and problems of the past with all the new challenges of these troubled times are right in our faces. But… you can learn the skills you need to: talk effectively, solve problems, settle old resentments, renew commitment and trust, come to terms with addictions in your life.

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Nikki Gamache, M.A., LMHC

Nikki Gamache, M.A., LMHC earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology at UMass Amherst in 2009 and her master’s degree in psychology from Westfield State University in 2015, also earning the Bazemore, Edwards, & Warner Award for LGBT issue advancement. She is trained in a variety of trauma-healing methods including EMDR, Progressive Counting, Flash, and ART. She practices from a mindfulness-based and Internal Family Systems approach. Nikki has worked with a variety of client from all different backgrounds, with her passion being in working with LGBTQ+ individuals with a focus on transgender and non-binary individuals.

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Vickie Alston

Vickie Alston, LCSW, DCSW

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Correctional Health Care Professional & Master Practitioner in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) & EMDR, I have unique experience assisting individuals to enhance their lives. I’ve been in private practice for 28 yrs and have worked 40 yrs with populations across the lifespan in medical, mental health, correctional & military settings.

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Hannah Tosi

Hannah Tosi, LICSW, RYT

Hannah uses a safe, compassionate and effective approach to connect her clients to their strengths, release their burdens, and achieve their goals. She holds certifications in EMDR, as well as Rape Crisis Counseling Advocacy. She is a Kripalu yoga student and teacher. She leads trainings on integrating yoga into psychotherapy, emotional resilience, and trauma-informed yoga.

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Meet Our Retreat Specialists

April Gaoiran

April Gaoiran, MSW

I have a passion for counseling services, social justice, and advocacy in order to make the most positive impact in the lives of those that have been affected by trauma. I hold a Master’s degree in Social Work and am in the process of achieving my LCSW.

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Chris Morin

I have transformed so much on my own path to mental and emotional wellness with the help of EMDR, IFS, ART and other therapies, both through weekly sessions and retreats, and I’m excited to connect others to these powerful modalities.

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