Month: February 2021

empower yourself

How to Empower Yourself After a Trauma

It’s normal to feel weaker after a traumatic event. Trauma affects everyone differently but, on the whole, most people who’ve experienced it feel changed afterwards. The person that they once were or believe they could be is nowhere to be found. But, you don’t have to lose yourself forever. There are ways to empower yourself after …

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Decluttering Your Home

Decluttering Your Home And Decluttering Your Mind

A clean space goes a long way. With countless expressions accounting for the truth behind this claim, one thing is for certain: your space is a reflection of your mind, and having a clean space can do wonders for one’s mood and mental clarity.  “Clean home, clear mind.” “A tidy house, tidy mind.” Decluttering your …

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Symptoms Of Trauma

Physical Symptoms Of Trauma

If you believe you have suffered from trauma, you are not alone.  According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, 70 percent of adults have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetimes. Perhaps you have been suffering from inexplicable physical symptoms, but you’re not quite sure where they came from. It could be …

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