Nikki Gamache, M.A., LMHC




Sexual Abuse / Intimate Partner Violence


Transgender / Nonbinary Folx

Kink / BDSM-Aware







Certified Geek Therapist (in progress)

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Location: Northampton, MA

Please note that all intakes for Nikki are conducted by our retreat specialist April Gaoiran, MSW.

Trauma. Over the years, this word has seemed to increase in presence and prevalence. It is something that we feel on a deep and personal level. In my approach to therapy, I believe that collaboration is a way for these wounds to heal. I like to think of my role as therapist as akin to that of a personal trainer: in this process client and therapist boost self-love, self-compassion, and hope to help facilitate emotional shifts.

I have been working intensively in the trauma field since 2016 and use a variety of trauma healing techniques. In one word, I would describe the process as transformative. I like to weave the concept of “play” into the work. While there are tears, sadness, and anger, there is also curiosity, humor, and fun. All feelings, all emotions serve a function. In the playful spirit, I am a self-professed geek, gamer, nerd, and anime fan. I am EMDR Certified, a Therapeutic Game Master, and in the process of becoming a certified Geek Therapist.

I am passionate about this work and am honored to be a part of this chapter of my clients’ healing journey. I fully embrace my role as a guide in this process.

The retreat was both therapeutic and transformational. During my time with Nikki I was able to put into perspective past events to make more room for my present life. Although I still struggle, I have more motivation to keep going and do things for myself. I am so thankful for Nikki and her ability to