Brian Powell

Brian Powell, MSW, RSW





Borderline Personality Disorder

Substance Abuse

Sexual Abuse / Intimate Partner Violence





Progressive Counting

The Flash Technique



Transactional Analysis


Locations: Montreal, QC | Northampton, MA | East Granby, CT | Beacon, NY

I have over 25 years experience in therapy including individual & family counseling, child protection, addictions, residential psychiatric, and now specialize in trauma and PTSD resolution. I’ve worked extensively with a broad range of people in many cultural and identity contexts. My passion is for my clients to experience deep caring and emotional safety as I support you in exploring your challenges and move you rapidly towards wholeness and a new ease in your life. I have a consistent record of positive outcomes and client transformation.

I just wanted to express how grateful I am for the clarity you’ve brought to my life. Feels like I’ve truly woken up from being brainwashed. I can start to live MY life now.

I really felt cared for and appreciated your ability to connect and also share insights, humor, and to think outside the box.


I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more seen by anyone than I did with Brian. Through working with him I felt truly strong and able to live my life fully for possibly the first time. I feel like all my pieces have been put back together into a shape that feels good to inhabit.


Brian was fantastic! I had strong hesitations about working with a male therapist, but he far exceeded my expectations. Although the treatment itself was quite intense and emotional, it was a pleasure to work with someone as patient, gentle, compassionate, intuitive, and non-judgmental.


Brian helped me immensely. He was patient, knowledgeable and kind. Brian gave me many useful tips that I still use today. The EMDR seemed to help immediately for me. It felt like real closure once the session was done.


I am filled with gratitude for the experience because it helped jumpstart my healing process and connect me to pieces of myself I had completely lost. I was only able to have this transformative experience because of the work of Brian.


As someone who has suffered from debilitating trauma, traditional forms of behavioral therapy were a frustratingly ill fit. The practice of EMDR as administered by Brian, a thoughtful and holistic practitioner, feels comparatively like a miracle.


By taking the teeth from my most traumatic experiences I have made room to usher in a clarity I never thought could be available to me.