Retreat Location

Retreats are held in Northampton, MA

Northampton is located in the heart of the beautiful Pioneer Valley in Western MA. A cultural hub surrounded by rich farmland, Noho is filled with shops, restaurants and live music venues.

We encourage our guests to indulge in the amenities that downtown Noho has to offer and to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Northampton is central to all major cities in the Northeast:

Retreat Location

• From Hartford and Bradley Airport: 45 min drive N

• From Boston and Logan Airport: 1.5 hour drive W

• From Albany: 1.5 hour drive E

• From Providence: 2 hour drive NW

• From NYC, JFK and La Guardia Airport: 3 hour drive NE

Retreat Pricing & FAQ

Your Private Retreat Space

Our office is located within the historic Quaker building in the heart of downtown Northampton and offers complete privacy during your retreat. Nobody else will be present in the office except for you and the therapist, providing the utmost level of privacy and security while you do your work.

Intensive Therapy Retreats
43 Center St, Unit G, Northampton, MA 01060

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

Retreat Location

When your ego is breaking apart you can feel stuck with trauma and a lot of blocked emotions you collect through your life. You need to let all those emotions go to become your new self. Bambi with her kindness, love and knowledge was the person that helped me to become my new version of

Pablo G.

At the very beginning of my intensive retreat with Bambi she told me that the process would open up my life to all the universe had to offer. That was a very nice thought but I had no idea that it would completely change my life. After struggling with chronic Lyme disease for 13 years

Josephine Burnett, PhD

Dr Bambi Rattner worked with me doing intensive EMDR after my mother had passed. I was experiencing a reactivation of my PTSD from the sudden death of my father when I was a kid, that got reactivated from my mother’s recent death. It would have been a much longer road of healing without Dr Bambi’s

Dr Kate Klemer, DC, RCST

It seems impossible to describe the extent of the positive impact that Bambi’s intensive therapy brought to me. The first night after about 5-6 hours of her intensive trauma therapy, I experienced a new sense of serenity that I had not felt for close to 15 years. Physically and mentally, it felt similar to when

C. T.

As someone who has struggled with suicidal depression since childhood, I have done important work with many therapists, counselors, and healers. But Bambi Rattner is the first to help me recognize, name, and face my deepest wounds, and to compassionately embrace the parts into which I broke myself to survive. Bambi has not only shown

Joy Ladin

I have participated in intensive therapy with Dr. Bambi Rattner on three different occasions. I had not done a therapy intensive before and was hesitant, but Bambi made me feel comfortable right from the start. She is warm, accepting, non-judgmental, and deeply kind. As a trauma survivor, it is hard for me to feel safe with people and

Jessica B.

My life had become like ashes in my mouth. I felt nothing but fear, and maybe shame, but not even much of those because I was so shut down by a lifetime of “sucking it up” and “pulling myself up by my bootstraps” until, one day, those bootstraps ripped off in my hands. I was

Don Cuerdon

I sought out Bambi’s help for my son when he was 5 years old and suffering from behavioral outbursts and PTSD from early childhood trauma. I was impressed with Bambi’s abilities. She was always very calming and engaging. She was able to guide him through past traumatic memories in a way that allowed him to

G. O.

Bambi was an integral part to overcoming issues I was still dealing with from my past. She is very kind, open, listens, and provides positive direction to her clients. I felt extremely comfortable working with her and had no trouble opening up and talking. She really helped improve my depression and anxiety in a short

Heather Clifford Moros

I knew I was in good hands… Bambi demonstrated just the right balance of abiding kindness and exceptional knowledge in her craft as a trauma therapist. She brought me through a week-long intensive EMDR retreat in a way that felt safe and productive. She genuinely cared and responded with attunement and warmth to the varied

Traccie Hilton, LMHC

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