Accelerated Resolution Therapy Techniques for Trauma Treatment

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) is a proven rapid-eye-movement therapy used for trauma, depression, sleep, self-esteem problems, PTSD, anxiety, and other related issues. The therapy uses unique structures and protocols, with their theory and principles similar to EMDR, among other therapies. The PTSD Treatment Centers use ART with the same core components to achieve the required result that enables you to heal from past traumatic experiences. The therapy focuses on the connection between negative images and your emotional and physical reaction to the images with their uniqueness resulting in a more rapid recovery than other therapies. The various techniques that ART incorporates include:

Memory consolidation

With the assistance of an experienced trauma retreat center therapist, you can replace past and negative images with new memories that provide you with peace and comfort. The new images created and the successive positive feelings get attached to the memory for four months once the treatment ends. Additionally, proven studies signify the presence of the images a year after the completion of the treatment. The old memories full of fear, anger, and resentment get away with, giving you the capability to make the right decisions without them being influenced by the adverse effects of the old memories that negatively impact your life.  

Smooth-Pursuit eye movements

It is proven that the Complex PTSD Treatment Centers rapid eye movement treatment process in a repeated manner causes the amygdala to relax, thereby dealing with the fear and anxiety you might experience due to past traumas. The smooth pursuit eye movement involves you moving your eyes from side to side smoothly and rapidly. The process involves using a hand and wand with the alternative of using a similar device to achieve a series of eye movements, guiding the eye in a back-and-forth movement. At the same time, the head stays in a stationary position. The movements enable you to recollect the memory while identifying the values and benefits from the traumatic experience, enabling you to overcome negative emotions and behaviors.  

PTSD protocol

When you have a Ptsd problem, the target and cause of the trauma is the image that gets recalled for PTSD retreat treatment. If you have experienced numerous traumatic events, then a professional therapist guides you in finding the exact problem to identify the scene associated with every challenge you encounter. Once the scene gets determined, then you will get asked to measure the intensity of the feelings you have when you think of every scene with the alternative to keep the problems private. The next step involves you tracing the hand of the therapist as it moves side to side, enabling you to minimize distress to manageable levels and move to the next steps. 


Accelerated Resolution Therapy, under the guidance of a Mental Health Resort professional therapist, helps you handle the traumatic effects you get exposed to. Also, suppose you have multiple traumatic experiences. In that case, the PTSD protocol enables you and the therapist to identify the scene that cuts across all the experiences, thereby facilitating your quick healing.