Challenges That Arise from Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

Internal Family Systems (IFS) significantly impact healing from traumatic experiences and gives you back control of your life to live a healthy life free of fear and anxiety. The therapy’s benefits enable you to strengthen how you relate with those around you. However, there are several challenges that the processes face, which hinder their successful execution and completion. Mental health retreat therapists clearly understand the potential challenges of the whole process and work to ensure that they do not hinder achieving positive results at the end of the process. Some of the challenges that get addressed include: 

The protective parts

Mental Health Retreat Centers deal with the affected parts as separate parts from each other to handle every issue and get positive outcomes. Unfortunately, it is never a walk in the park to determine the exact cause of the trauma which affects you, given the numerous parts that function to keep past traumas from re-surfacing. 

Addressing exiles before the system becomes ready

In the Mental Health Retreat Near Me, professionals must ensure that they work with the entire system while considering the hurt parts and the opportunities they offer to achieve maximum progress in resolving traumatic experiences. Managers and firefighters first get addressed before the exiled parts since the attempt to work with exiles before the family systems become ready triggers the managers to be more active. When well executed, the managers get prevented from taking an active role in the attempt to protect you from the traumatic pains and triggering of the firefighters, which has the potential to do more harm than good. 

The thought of therapists talking to the self instead of the part.

The mistake that mental retreat therapists make is the thought of addressing your self-care. Your parts develop over time to protect you from the most painful traumatic experiences you encounter. At the same time, in the actual sense, a manager steps in to protect the exiles making them fail to re-experience the traumatic pains and hindering their healing. To achieve healing, the therapist must develop a clear understanding of all your parts to prevent managers from shielding the exiles from experiencing the whole experience. A clear understanding enables your part to get worked on more effectively and turn their adverse effects into positive ones that further strengthen the core. 

Handling extreme parts

Extreme trauma leads to unnecessary parts to handle the trauma, thereby presenting a challenge in developing a deeper understanding of the parts. Getting rid of the extreme traumatic parts gives you more manageable and better access to the parts for a clear understanding and healing process. The intensity makes it necessary to seek other Mental Health Retreat treatment options, such as  (EMDR), to deal with the extreme issues of the trauma. 


IFS therapy is a proven process for treating traumatic experiences, and for it to be well executed, the various challenges must get handled well. The therapists understand the various challenges and work to overcome them to enable you to achieve maximum benefits for the treatment process.