It seems impossible to describe the extent of the positive impact that Bambi’s intensive therapy brought to me. The first night after about 5-6 hours of her intensive trauma therapy, I experienced a new sense of serenity that I had not felt for close to 15 years.

Physically and mentally, it felt similar to when I came home from weeks of meditation retreat. My mind was calm, even when my then-teenage son started to insult his brother, which had been a significant trigger. (now I know that it was the trauma response) I did not feel the same knot in my stomach or the feeling of helplessness and fear. Instead, I felt a small annoyance about my son’s behavior. I gave him a warning, and that was the end of the story (well, for that night).

Things continued to improve not only regarding my emotional health but also my parenting skills and decision-making process because all the sadness, anxiety, and grief that I had occasionally felt for no particular reason disappeared. (Now, I know that the residue of unprocessed trauma memory caused such emotions) Sometimes, it felt as if they were wiped out during the intensive; other times, it felt as if they decayed like good homemade fertilizers.

Bambi was highly effective with her time with me, competent in providing the trauma therapy that I needed, and warm. I will forever be grateful that I was able to receive therapy treatment from Bambi. It was very different from other EMDR experiences that I received from therapists in the sense that the efficacy of treatment continued to work between sessions and even months (or possibly years) after sessions.