1. What would you like to share about the primary issue(s) that you came to the ART Retreat to resolve?

To process some childhood trauma and cope with a toxic narcissist relationship that ending badly

2. What interventions have you tried in the past to help with the issue(s)?

Self help books & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

3. How did the ART Retreat compare in regard to ability to decrease symptoms or resolve the symptoms
that are related to the issue(s)?

I was finding it hard to function before doing the ART Retreat and nothing seemed to be helping. I was STUCK. I was already starting to notice a difference in my body and mind after the second day of ART Therapy. My body was less tense and the vivid scenes and feelings that once took me over daily were decreased significantly or resolved completely by the end of the Retreat.

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I am so grateful for finding Vickie and the ART Retreat. Vickie’s kind spirit made me feel validated, safe,
and hopeful for my future.