I was surprised that my recent retreat brought more healing than I even expected! Dr. Peter is a rare and highly gifted psychologist, in my opinion. He is so skilled that I felt better after 3 days then after one year of weekly CBT with a good psychologist. He isn’t just a good psychologist; he is a phenomenal one. His style is easy, non-judgmental, collaborative, and most importantly compassionate. But there is more than that.

Dr. Peter stands out because he works so hard behind the scenes, yet the time goes quickly, and he is masterful at helping the process be beneficial without becoming overwhelming. It feels very comprehensive! The office time feels like a time-warp where a day feels like several minutes, but you feel like years of healing were accomplished. He facilitates the process of the mind healing itself, like nothing I have experienced before.

Dr. Peter is intuitive and can track details while keeping concepts and the big picture in his mind for the entire time. He pulls out just the right details when needed.

This retreat far exceeded my expectations and I feel very different than after traditional therapy. Difficult memories hold less power and feel distant. Recalling them is less compelling and intrusive or if I do, I feel a strength in myself to handle it that was not there before. Previous triggers feel less powerful.

Dr. Peter has a rare gift both with his technical evidenced-based expertise and also just how compassionate and intuitive he is. He makes well-placed comments and organizes the time masterfully. I am beyond grateful for this amazing opportunity. As a mental health professional, myself, I can say with confidence that this is the real deal. This was both a mount Everest experience and a gentle nature walk.

Life throws many of us some difficult memories. Dr. Peter helped me see, feel and know that complex traumatic memories don’t have the last word in how I feel or live my life. A big thank you to Dr. Peter for becoming an Intensive Therapy EMDR / IFS specialist and sharing his gifts with me.