GAME CHANGER! EMDR/ART therapy is life changing. April is amazing at her job and made me feel at ease when I was very shook up and overwhelmed. She matched me with the perfect therapist for my retreat, Amy. Amy also is phenomenal at her job and helped me more than I could have ever expected! I wasn’t sure if ART would work for me because my issues were not just one event because it was my whole childhood. Life since I’ve done the retreat has been a magical process of getting to know my true self with out all the inner chatter, anxiety and bad habits. I find myself doing things I would never have done in the past and with a peaceful mind. I didn’t know that it was possible to have such inner peace all the time, even on a “bad day”. I can’t say enough about this program and the amount of gratitude I have for the process and people making it happen. My best piece of advice to those thinking about it….just do it and be completely open to the process.