1. What would you like to share about the primary issue that you came to the Accelerated Resolution Therapy retreat to resolve?

Childhood issues still affecting adulthood, medical trauma, family addiction and coping skills to be able to live with someone who is still causing trauma.

2. What interventions have you tried in the past to help?

Talk-Therapy, Marriage Therapy, speaking with Addiction Counselors, Gottman Marriage Retreat.

3. How did the Accelerated Resolution Therapy retreat compare in regard to ability to decrease symptoms that are related to the issue?

Resentments, Anger and Confusion are no longer there. Clarity is still there on the actual events that caused resentments, but anger doesn’t consume every moment. I’m particularly impressed at my current ability to not react to those trying to get a reaction from me, as well as my ability to give my kids the daily tools to handle situations.

My family is seeing a huge difference in my calmness — and what I love — Is that they are matching my energy! It’s radiating throughout generations, because one person was impacted from ART.

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I love how much ART is paving the discussion in my extended family. Taking the discussion of getting help beyond just “getting help,” but what kind of help will be the most successful and why.

Taking the extended time (5-Day) was absolutely necessary to get the mind in a better place for success. I questioned whether or not I needed it, but what I worked through on Day-5 brought it all together. It’s hard to fathom how a successful ART could work within a 1-Hour session.

My ART Therapist (Vickie) brought a theme to what we were trying to accomplish overall that continuously grounded me and carries me day to-day chaos back home. 4 Kids, full time job, and back to 100% at 5am the morning after treatment. But Accelerated Resolution Therapy gave me tools to be able to react to that abruptness with calm in the chaos. It can only be viewed as: Clarity in the Chaos. It no longer feels like the glass is full of stress and each additional drop of water will send larger amounts spilling over.