1. What would you like to share about the primary issue(s) that you came to the ART Retreat to resolve?

My life hasn’t been a life of overwhelming and horrific trauma, but over the course of my life, a series of events added up to a serious traumatic experience.

2. What interventions have you tried in the past to help with the issue(s)?

I have tried traditional ‘talk’ therapy, but I never made any significant strides. A lot of discussing the same issues over and over with little results.

3. How did the ART Retreat compare in regard to ability to decrease symptoms or resolve the symptoms that are related to the issue(s)?

The ART retreat was an incredible experience. I was able to rewrite the events of my life in a more positive way. Being able to take an event from the past that has supported a ‘story’ in my mind and rescript it to lessen its impact on how I look at that event or how that event feels inside is extraordinary.

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Since the ART retreat I have often thought back to the ‘negative’ scenes of my life and what I remember most about those old events or scenes is that what I rescripted is what I remember the most. The old negative feelings have disappeared. Even when thinking about the details to those older events I no longer feel the same way about them. The new ‘rewritten’ versions prevail. Amazing!

I hope this helps Vickie. Thank you, again, for you patience. Most importantly thank you for your guidance and determination when working with me!