Hi Vickie, I wanted to thank you again for all of your incredible hard work, I’m so grateful for your ART therapy, and that I made the trip.

1. What would you like to share about the primary issue(s) that you came to the ART Retreat to resolve?

I have done traditional therapy to deal with some family issues and trauma, and it’s been absolutely life changing. However, I felt that there was still more to work on, that I still wanted some further resolution or something. I was still always looking for something more, more healing and peace, and to really let things go. ART came about since I started therapy. I felt that it could take me further in healing, and in a quicker amount of time. There was also something that continually pulled me to go and try and I listened to that voice, and I’m so happy that I did.

2. What interventions have you tried in the past to help with the issue(s)?

Traditional therapy

3. How did the ART Retreat compare in regard to ability to decrease symptoms or resolve the symptoms that are related to the issue(s)?

It’s the most peaceful that I’ve felt in years. Seriously, years, perhaps the most peaceful that I’ve ever felt. It’s transformative and I’m incredibly grateful to you for your vast passion and dedication to helping me. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am, and the wash of peace over me since attending. Also, I feel a dedication to maintain my boundaries and peace, and I learned a great deal of tools through the process. I also now have information at my fingertips. Incredibly Thankful & Peaceful!!!

4. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Due to some change in circumstances, I didn’t end up starting the day after flying, but several days after arriving. This was not originally planned, but it was a huge blessing in disguise. I think if I had started the day after I arrived in CT, I would have been too tired to be so productive. It was much better to start being rested and coming to it from that place.