My early life was riddled with sadistic trauma. It affected my sense of self and impacted all areas of my life. I spent decades in therapy doing hard work to not just survive, but to transcend what happened to me and enjoy the best semblance of a good and full life possible. I thought I’d arrived!

Then I retired, moved a thousand miles from where I’d lived my whole life, and the pandemic hit with its inherent isolation and messages of an unsafe world. Slowly at first, then like a high speed train, fear and hopelessness, and anger became a regular part of my life. I was devastated and sometimes on the farthest edges of safety. How could I’ve worked so hard, for so long, be so dedicated to healthy thinking and behavior, and now be falling apart?

My therapist and I worked hard, increased sessions, and did all each of us could conceive of to help me return to peace. Something had the work stymied. One day my therapist said, “I think you need more than we have been able to do; a different kind of intervention. I’m picturing something like a retreat or an intensive.” Solid in my intent to feel better and using the magic of the Internet, I found Jordan.

Right off the bat, Jordan understood my crippling psychical pain and assured me we could relieve it. I grilled him before committing and so did my therapist. We wanted to know if Jordan was safe and if he was “the real deal.” He was both and so much more.

Jordan’s prep work helped me look at the whole of what was challenging me and set priorities for the work. I identified two big trouble areas with several lesser issues. Jordan led me through trauma work with my past and my internal parts in an intensive setting of 6 hours a day for 5 days. The work was hard but not intolerable; parts of the work were actually gentle. My therapist bolstered my bravery for the work when she said, “There isn’t anything that you’ll remember/experience that you haven’t already survived.”

I’m still perplexed as to how IMTT and EMDR work … but they worked very well for me. My main goals for the week were met (and they were big!) and a few other issues got resolved too. Enough pressure released that I could return effectively to the work with my regular therapist and peace has a place in my life again. Jordan is a master guide to the work. I’d recommend him to family, friends … and you.