The best part of my 5-day retreat with Dr. Bambi Rattner is that she was able to reach my trauma in such a gentle way. Bambi is compassionate, healing, gracious, sensitive, honest and funny. My retreat went by so quickly, even while spending 7+ hours with Bambi every day. I loved how kindly she brings you back into painful memories and allows you to explore that space with such care and consideration.

I went to Bambi to work on my issue with rage. Five days later I had a solid handle on how and why my rage existed and coping methods to use if it pops up again. And I was able to unload a great deal of trauma memories that needed to be cleaned up. I feel much lighter having resolved many of these memories. It amazes me that I now have extra time in my day as I’m not protecting myself from those hurtful memories.

The best part of Bambi was how patiently she kept redirecting my thoughts and reactions back to the subject at hand. Bambi allowed my imagination to create alternative endings to such sad experiences in my life. Bambi has changed my life in such a positive way. I am forever grateful.