Symptoms That Your Relationship Requires an Intensive Therapy Retreat 

Getting help at a complex PTSD treatment center can help couples put their problems behind them. It can also help break the hold they have on one another. In addition, couples can participate in therapy retreats to break old habits and adopt new ones, likely to give them a much happier and more successful relationship. 

Although we all can feel happy and fulfilled, living with unresolved trauma can become a constant struggle. It can also lead to various psychological issues and emotional problems. It can be exhausting to keep up with daily tasks and keep ourselves afloat. Below are some of the symptoms which show that it’s time for your relationship to opt for an intensive therapy retreat. 

During an intensive retreat, we utilize a technique known as EMDR to help people process their trauma, which is a unique treatment for those who have experienced sexual abuse. It can help them overcome their feelings and move on with their lives. We believe this type of therapy should be a part of any Mental Health Retreat counseling program dedicated to helping individuals recover.

Empty Nest Syndrome  

Before you married, you probably thought your life would be full of adventure and excitement. However, you and your partner may eventually get to the empty nest syndrome whenever contempt breeds due to the familiarity between you.  

Stagnancy can permanently signify that something has gone wrong in your relationship. It can indicate that both partners are not getting on well or that the spark has gone completely. Couples therapy can be helpful if you and your partner are experiencing empty nest syndrome. 

Having Trouble Sleeping  

Getting enough sleep is essential for a healthy body. But, if you’re having trouble sleeping, it can affect your physical and mental health. Even during high-stress levels, your body might not be able to produce enough rest hormones. Getting to the root cause can be challenging, mainly if you also deal with other issues, such as insomnia. Intensive Therapy Retreat can be helpful for individuals with these types of sleep disorders. 

A Change in Your Sex Life  

One of the most critical factors that couples should consider when maintaining a successful relationship is having a healthy sex life. If one partner begins experiencing a decrease in frequency, this could signify that something is not working correctly in the relationship. A good sex life is significant to both of you and can help keep the relationship strong. Couples therapy can also benefit individuals suffering from depression to the point of affecting the relationship. 


If you and your partner start arguing about petty issues, it could be a sign that something isn’t right in the relationship. If you are having these disagreements, you and your partner must take a couple’s retreat to try and find a solution before the whole relationship goes crumbling. Complex PTSD Retreat can help identify some of the triggers that contribute to these disagreements and devise a way to eliminate these occurrences for a much happier relationship. 

A Drift In Intimacy 

As an adult, you might think it’s your job to maintain positive relationships with others. However, if you struggle with mental health issues or depression, it can be hard to maintain a strong connection with your loved ones. 

Being an introvert can be challenging, especially if you suffer from other issues like depression. You can regain the skills to connect with others and yourself through depression retreat sessions. The goal of a depression retreat is to help individuals develop a stronger relationship with themselves to manifest a healthier relationship with others. 

When Engulfed With Fear 

People who are afraid become deputized to one’s interests, which can lead to a lack of participation in one’s life. One of the main reasons why people who are afraid can’t pursue their dream is that it can prevent them from focusing on the positive. During a retreat, participants can learn to accept and overcome their fears. 

Although you have tried various forms of Mental Health Getaway, such as meditation, you still feel that they do not address your issues. It is why you must attend Intensive Trauma therapy to reclaim your life. Opening up to them can get a bit challenging whenever you feel uncomfortable with your partner around. Through our team of experts, we shall see that you receive the best possible experience from our therapy retreats.