Internal Family Systems Therapy Treatment Process for Trauma

Whenever you get exposed to a traumatic experience, some parts react to try and shield you from the pains of the traumatic experience. The parts get known as exiles, firefighters, and managers, act in different ways to enable you to stay in control throughout the traumatic experience and healing process. Therapeutic Retreats provide Internal Family Systems therapy, which addresses the various parts and sub-parts affected by the traumatic experience you get exposed to. The treatment takes a well-highlighted process that includes: 

Parts assessment

The initial stage of Internal Family Systems Therapy is developing an understanding of the parts within you. The comprehensive understanding is compared to the problem you experience in your life that pushes you to the traumatic experience. The intensive trauma therapy parts assessment process allows you to learn your various parts and how they function within your life. Additionally, you get to learn how to connect and respond to similar parts that other people have. Once you understand the various parts you have, then this makes room for the next phase of the therapy process toward healing. 

Discussion of parts awareness

Once your parts are determined, the next step is understanding how you interact with the parts. Additionally, the thoughts, experiences, and feelings you have when the parts get active within your life get discussed and understood since this is important for the successful completion of the treatment. 

Understanding the IFS language

Talking about your different parts might seem very confusing since IFS addresses them as different parts. With Trauma Recovery Retreat practice, you understand the language, and it slowly becomes more relatable and facilitates healthy life choices. 

Discussing managers’ fears and their value

Managers are the parts that try to keep you in control throughout the traumatic experience protecting you from the vulnerable position that the exiles put you in. One of the managers’ driving factors is the fear of the problem re-occurrence from past trauma. The therapists of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment Centers discuss the best ways to work around the problems without the managers’ fears being a reality. Additionally, understanding the value of managers and how they help you in your daily life further makes the process effective. 

Understanding firefighters and their methods

Firefighters combat the effects of the exiles in an attempt to keep you from feeling the pain caused by the traumatic experience. Once the exiled parts get triggered, the firefighters immediately get put into action when the managers fail to work effectively. The firefighters might get activated by negative behaviors which affect their ability to function healthily. Ptsd counseling near me helps you understand the firefighters’ tactics to mitigate the pain as it occurs. 


IFS therapy gives you the knowledge of the various parts that get affected by trauma and how they react to keep you away from the pain. Additionally, understanding your parts and how they react makes you able to understand the IFS language and achieve positive results from the treatment.